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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shut your mind up!

The word 'listen' contains the same letters as the word 'silent'. ~ Alfred Brendel ~

The best way to listen is to not only silence your mouth but silence your mind.  You often let your own biases and agenda keep you from listening. How do you develop as a leader if you are never silent around your those that lead.  Next time someone has something to say, shut down your feelings and open up.  In addition, don't always contribute...ask questions instead. You can't truely listen if you are too busy prepping in your mind what you want to say.

1. Close your eyes
2. Breathe
3. Empty your mind
4. As thoughts come in, acknowledge and whisk them away
5. Focus on your breathing
6. Think about the affirmation:

"I quiet my own thoughts when someone is talking."

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