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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fear Can Make You Stronger

Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles. ~ Alex Karras ~

When was the last time you exercised your courage?  Each fearful moment in life gives you the opportunity to strengthen your courage.   In these moments you have two choices, retreat or advance.   Retreating can give you the chance to review and decide if there is another way, a less risky way.  This can be a good thing but it will not make you stronger.  Advancing, however, builds your courage.  Every time you practice courage it gets stronger. 

It might not feel like it because when you put yourself out there you might get hurt.  But those injuries do not have to mean that you can't courageous again.  They don't have to be fatal, it depends on how important it is to continue moving forward.  As a leader, you set an strong example if you venture on despite the wounds, despite the fear...despite the "what ifs" - sometimes that is just what you have to do - to become stronger.

1. Close your eyes
2. Breathe
3. Empty your mind
4. As thoughts come in, acknowledge and whisk them away
5. Focus on your breathing
6. Think about the affirmation:

I will strengthen my spirit by being courageous.

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