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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Goals Begin With Dreams

The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams, no reasons are necessary. ~ Ashleigh Brilliant ~

When you dream there are no obstacles.  There is nothing you can't do when you dream and no limitations.  Dreaming allows for those "what if" moments.  Creativity and effortless problem solving happen when we transcend our minds to another place that is not our reality.  As a leader you will not have a vision if you do not take the time to dream.   How will you know where you want to go if you never take the time to imagine the greatness that lies within you?  Goals begin with dreams.  For there is nothing to attain if you do not take time to think it.  Go ahead.  Give yourself permission to dream and dream big.

1. Close your eyes
2. Breathe
3. Empty your mind
4. As thoughts come in, acknowledge and whisk them away
5. Focus on your breathing
6. Think about the affirmation:

"I will take the time to dream, let go of obstacles and set my sights on where I want to go."

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